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The Bird's Eye View

A Blog from our CEO sharing the insights and lessons from servicing this unique market

Data analytics is a huge untapped opportunity for companies involved at the point-of-sale (such as companies offering credit cards, declining-balance cards and loyalty cards). When done correctly, the predictive mining of data allows these ... read more

In college towns across the country, campus-area merchants face unique challenges that we at FlockTAG have seen time and again. Let’s face it – the coffee shop just off the quad operates in a very different world than does the Starbucks out in ... read more

College students on campuses around the country represent a growing market segment that we at FlockTAG have come to understand quite well. We know that college students’ purchase decisions are based on convenience, location, price and quality. ... read more

Today's deal-hungry college students are constantly bombarded by one-size-fits-all digital advertisements and deal coupons delivered randomly through multiple communications channels. While these tech-savvy consumers prefer interacting via ... read more

As part of our commitment to staying relevant to the college markets, we sponsor the FlockTAG internship program to engage talented college students with our company and put youthful boots on the ground in campus communities where we do business. ... read more

The FlockTAG story began in 2002 when a friend and I launched Bubble Island, an Ann Arbor-based company serving Taiwanese drinks, snacks and desserts. Our business did well, and we grew our sales annually. However, it was clear from the start ... read more