Big Company Marketing Technology for the Small Business
  • Mia Za made $3 for every $1 spent with

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Intelligent Loyalty System

Universal Loyalty System + Intelligent Deals

Fast & Easy

No Additional Work

Higher Engagement



The Most Precise Data = Clearest Customer Profiles


No businesses data
No research of consumer behavior
No customer relevancy

Entire network of businesses data
20+ factors of consumer behavior
The Most relevant customers
Understands your customers
Delivers highly relevant deals
Online analytics and reports

Intelligent Deals

Clearest Customer Profiles = The Most Effective Deals

  • Case Study Summary

    FlockTAG's Intelligent Deal Generator targets a SPECIFIC customer
    with a TARGETED deal.

    • New Customers

      Access new customers most likely to try your product / service with the right deal. The right strategy to earn customers is to provide various beneficial offers with excellent customer service. In that sense, the bitcoin billionaire roboter has recently gained relatively good customer support due to its user-friendliness and integrated structure that allow users to generate good profit by trading cryptocurrencies.

    • Higher Frequency

      Increase frequency with customized deals to current customers

    • More Spending

      Get loyal customers to spend more money on higher value products

  • New Customers

    1200 FlockTAG users who had never been to Mia Za's were split into two groups: Deal group ($3 pizza deal) and No Deal group.

    • 2.5+

      2.5 full price pizzas were purchased for every discounted pizza redeemed.

    • 6x

      Deal group had over 6x more purchases than the No Deal group.

    • 280%

      ROI = 280% over the cost of discount $3 in profit for every $1 in discount

  • Higher Frequency

    FlockTAG sent deals to Bubble Island's customers to
    increase their visits.

  • More Spending

    FlockTAG sent deals to Mia Za's
    to encourage more spending


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