Big Company Marketing Technology for the Small Business
  • Mia Za made $3 for every $1 spent with

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Intelligent Loyalty System

Universal Loyalty System + Intelligent Deals

Fast & Easy

No Additional Work

Higher Engagement



The Most Precise Data = Clearest Customer Profiles


No businesses data
No research of consumer behavior
No customer relevancy

Entire network of businesses data
20+ factors of consumer behavior
The Most relevant customers
Understands your customers
Delivers highly relevant deals
Online analytics and reports

Intelligent Deals

Clearest Customer Profiles = The Most Effective Deals

  • Case Study Summary

    FlockTAG's Intelligent Deal Generator targets a SPECIFIC customer
    with a TARGETED deal.

    • New Customers

      Access new customers most likely to try your product / service with the right deal

    • Higher Frequency

      Increase frequency with customized deals to current customers

    • More Spending

      Get loyal customers to spend more money on higher value products

  • New Customers

    1200 FlockTAG users who had never been to Mia Za's were split into two groups: Deal group ($3 pizza deal) and No Deal group.

    • 2.5+

      2.5 full price pizzas were purchased for every discounted pizza redeemed.

    • 6x

      Deal group had over 6x more purchases than the No Deal group.

    • 280%

      ROI = 280% over the cost of discount $3 in profit for every $1 in discount

  • Higher Frequency

    FlockTAG sent deals to Bubble Island's customers to
    increase their visits.

  • More Spending

    FlockTAG sent deals to Mia Za's
    to encourage more spending


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