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Internship Program FlockTAG Student Internship Program Helps Students and Merchants Stay Relevant

As part of our commitment to staying relevant to the college markets, we sponsor the FlockTAG internship program to engage talented college students with our company and put youthful boots on the ground in campus communities where we do business. This year, we are placing several paid interns at each of two campus locations: New York University in lower Manhattan and Ohio State University in Columbus. The end game of the internship is to provide these students with a thorough understanding of the small business market and the customer's point of view, so they can propose a comprehensive social media marketing plan.

Initially, the 2015 interns will receive orientation and training to acquaint them with FlockTAG's history and goals, and to expand their understanding of today's competitive landscape for digital marketing and loyalty rewards programs. Afterward, the students will conduct a three-part series of six-week-long mini projects at their assigned campuses. Our FlockTAG team will supervise in order to provide guidance and updates throughout the internship period.

The mini projects are designed to focus on key aspects of our FlockTAG marketing model as well as the customer experience for both student cardholders and local merchants. The interns will talk to students on campus to gather information about their use of social media and their receptivity to discounts and deals delivered via mobile devices. The interns also will interview restaurateurs in the area to gain insights into the restaurant industry's current marketing techniques and the growing trend toward utilizing social media and mobile apps to reach college-age consumers.

At the end of the program, the interns will analyze the results they have collected over the summer, extrapolate important takeaways from the data and develop an extensive social media marketing plan for presentation to the FlockTAG team. They also will organize a back-to-school initiative on campus to help promote FlockTAG vendors.

We believe the FlockTAG internship program creates a win-win situation for everyone involved. Our interns benefit from the opportunity to participate in a hands-on learning experience and to add a meaningful new entry to their resumes. Our company benefits from the valuable new information we gain on cardholder preferences and merchants' marketing efforts. This information allows us to upgrade our merchant and student engagement products in the best way possible. Finally, the student cardholders and restaurant owners who interact with our interns benefit from what they learn about FlockTAG and the advantages we offer them through our digital marketing and loyalty rewards programs. Its just another way that FlockTAG creates win-win situations for everyone involved.