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College Student Market FlockTAG Delivers Value and Convenience to College Students

College students on campuses around the country represent a growing market segment that we at FlockTAG have come to understand quite well. We know that college students' purchase decisions are based on convenience, location, price and quality. They are impulsive and "want it now." Naturally, they're always on the lookout for good deals.

We recognize that these youthful consumers depend upon technology to communicate with each other, seek out opportunities to socialize with their friends and develop spending habits that are far different from those of their parents. We also realize that mid-Millennial consumers are very mobile and transient - here today, gone tomorrow. This unique combination of traits and trends makes the $545 billion college student spending market a challenging one for campus-area merchants.

University of Michigan sophomore Alex Angerer tells us: "I often eat out during lunch, with proximity, quality and price being my biggest decision factors. My decision process goes in order of what is closest, then what is cheapest and finally, of those options, what is most tasty. I'm a little bit of a deal hunter when it comes to food and groceries. My favorite deal programs are the ones that require the least work and maintenance."

Michigan State University senior Leah O'Connor says: "I have Spartan cash loaded on my MSU I.D. card that I spend for meals at campus-area restaurants. Most of the time, I go out to eat with my friends. Dining is very social for me."

University of Michigan graduate student Kristine Schantz explains: "I'm admittedly a bit of a foodie, as well as a vegetarian, so I tend to seek out the most natural, fresh, plant-based options I can find. Because the student life style requires juggling many different activities during the day, I often combine study, work and meetings with eating, so a nice atmosphere is important."

Our team has created FlockTAG to tick off all the boxes on college students' wish lists. For greater convenience, we send deals directly to their mobile devices via sms text message, push notification and email when they are in the vicinity of a particular restaurant, bar or coffee shop. These customized offers provide higher value and greater price savings because FlockTAG vendors feel confident that the right deal is going to the right customer at the right time. Through the FlockTAG loyalty rewards program, college students are able to earn and track their reward points to receive discounts and freebies on food and beverages at places they frequent regularly, or new venues they haven't tried previously.

College students who have tried FlockTAG tell us they like its easy-to-use format and perks.

U-M sophomore Benjamin Rathi says: "Discounts definitely keep me coming back as a regular customer, and FlockTAG is a pretty cool and convenient mechanism for this."

Leah, at MSU, says: "FlockTAG is a great loyalty rewards system. I like getting free food and drinks after buying a certain amount at the places I frequent. I also get notifications on my smartphone about really good deals, and I often go into a restaurant to take advantage of these money-saving offers. I recommend FlockTAG to my friends. Many of them already use it."